Creation and Sound

Chattanooga, TN based folk rock band, Stellar's Jay, defy being pigeonholed and celebrate that each song tells a unique story with its own style. Stellar's Jay began as the brainchild of Jayke Webb at the age of 15. Drawing on his childhood experiences in Arkansas, as well as a years traveling the country, Jayke crafts the complex narratives that form Stellar's Jay songs. Upon moving to Chattanooga, Jayke, on rhythm guitar and vocals, joined forces with Royal Smythe on lead guitar and vocals, Kyle Taber on drums and Zach Ryan on bass to form a renewed and even more dynamic Stellar's Jay. As a group, they have created memorable melodies with compelling lyrics that take the listener through an array of emotions. Their high-energy shows will have you on your feet dancing to songs of boundless journeys, love lost and gained, the ravages of war, as well as revenge and monstrosities. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musicians, including Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Bright Eyes, and The Decemberists, Stellar's Jay fuses their Ozark and Appalachian folk roots with coastal and deep southern influences to craft songs with a universal resonance that will remain with you long after the music stops playing.